FAQ questions about details of CASAITALIANA business.

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- What is Casa Italiana's commission/fee upon the products sold on your website?

no commission casaitaliana is the company that sells to the final customer the discount you provide for direct purchase will be our profit

- Is there any other fee that could be applied involving the selling service?

no other tax Casaitaliana delivers to the final destination with its own employees and applies the final price with all expenses to the customer

- When a partner enters your network of suppliers, do they automatically become available in all your websites (italyclassico, eurooo, Oujuhui, ozsp)?

no only on italyclassico and eurooo ONLY if you wish to register, you can upload the products to OUJUHUI and ozsp for yourself

- Does the selling occurs directly from your website to the final client? 

no from the site you will find the basic information as you can see there are no specific prices or products in sight the sale is then followed by our office operators in China

- we offer our products on your site, the client decides to buy one of them, you make the sell and then want to buy - which makes the merchant available for transport. Is that the simplified flow?

the supplier has no problems as every management is carried out exclusively with our purchasing offices in Italy that will follow the entire organization of the purchase documents

- In that scenario, we would make a sell for Casa Italiana?

Yes your billing is to the Casaitaliana srl ​​company in Milan

Considering our company is based out of Italy , would this qualify as an export transaction (since Casa Italiana is based in Milan)?

therefore, in the case of a foreign supplier, an export to Italy should be considered

FAQ Logistics questions

- Who is responsible for the transportation of the products?

the responsibility of the supplier ends with the verification of the product in our possession in Italy, from that moment on, every organization and responsibility as well as guarantees will be managed by CASAITALIANA

- Who chooses, request quotes and does all the interaction with the logistic partner?


- The final client pays for the shipping, right? Who send the transportation costs for the client to evaluate and accept the shipping rates?

every management fee is counted in the operating margin of the Casaitaliana group

- How is our interaction with the logistics partner?

Casaitaliana relies on global logistics professionals and will have its own logistics company in the future

We are working on a product list to send you but it's important to understand those details so we can make the pricing correct.

Casaitaliana therefore asks suppliers for the best commercial conditions in order to provide the best price and service to the final consumer

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